Professional Bio

Michael J. Covington is currently an independent security researcher and consultant living in Portland, Oregon.  Previously, Dr. Covington worked as a Senior Research Scientist in the Network Security Lab at Intel Corporation. His research is focused on improving security and reliability for next-generation systems and platforms.  With eight patents pending and as the author of numerous papers that have been published in leading academic conferences and journals, Dr. Covington’s research has explored formal access control modeling, cutting edge authentication techniques, and security approaches for pervasive computing environments.  Dr. Covington received his Ph.D. and MSCS degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Computing in Atlanta, Georgia.  He also holds a B.S. degree from Mount Saint Mary’s College in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Publications and Patents

Hard work in the lab typically leads to publications that detail technical discoveries and/or patents that protect one's intellectual property.  My professional publications and patent applications are listed in the following pages: